I Found my Forever Home

Thanks to You

.Remember Sweet Lurcher Maddie and her beautiful ears? Well just look at her now in her new home with Samantha & Paul and her new fur pal called Max

Maddie and her Kitty friend, great proof that it's not impossible for them to live together quite happily

Who could forget that handsome face, this beautiful boy helped others whilst he was at Kama's Cave, he donated blood, wonderful to see him on his first visit to his new home with Ann

fFinlay now called Fly has certainly made himself at home (Mar 2016)

He found his sofa first time


Do you remember Earl he had been in Kama's Kennels for a long time, but now this fudge coloured boy has found his forever home with his kennel mate Jet. Jet the beautiful black girlie with a lovely smile is looking so cosy in her new home


Skye & Jason were very lucky hounds they were also given a forever home together, as you can see they also have a forever sofa and remain the best of pals, we often hear of their antics on the facebook page, so heartwarming to see them very much loved and very settled

With a snowy white coat very unusual markings and a cheeky face Poppy stole everyones heart, look at her now in her forever home with her friend Mika

Remember Abi's sad story she is 11yrs old and  someone decided they didn't want her anymore and left her in an elderly couples garden. That Christmas wasn't a very happy one, but Kama's Cave gave her a chance for a second life. She is a very lucky girl, and now lives with our knitting ladies, Margaret and Mary. .Here are the pictures of her in her new home with her other houndie pals, Sophie, Basil and Dancer.


Me & Sophie on a diggin expedition

We all remember beautiful Lenny who came to Ann in a sorrowful state, He was a gorgeous little boy of around a year old. A lady found him,  someone had thrown him out of a car, outside her house, she took him to Alder Vets  and as he had no chip or tattoo, and no-one came forward to claim him we agreed to take him in at Kama’s Cave.
Lenny was checked over and he had a badly injured leg. An X-ray showed that the poor little man’s leg was fractured in two places, he must have been in so much pain. The vets operated and, plated his broken leg, a little further on in his treatment at the vets it was discovered that he had a fracture in the small bone on his other leg which was healing on its own, after moinths of loving care, he was ready to go to his forever home

And Boy look at him now in his forever home

From this ....

To this ....

And now To This.........

Looks like Lenny is into re cycling

Update Nov 2016

Remember pretty Faye, now called Maisie, she wasn't in the Kennels very long before she was offered her forever home with Lin & Dave and her fur pal Amber, as you can see she has already dipped her toes at the seaside and had fish and chips too lucky girlie

Remember Maisie just 2 years old, and had a nasty corn on one of her toes, she had a toe removed and is now fit healthy, these first pictures of her in her new home show that she has settled in very quickly and has certainly become a true sofa hound

Update Nov 2016

Maisie has found a new favorite place to sleep

Remember playful Holly she was in the kennels for quite a while, well here she is in her forever home with Daisy & Adam she has already been to the seaside lucky girl, looks like she found the forever sofa as well as she hides behind the cushion look at that cheeky face

We all remember the cheeky face of Barney, well he has found his forever home now with Helen, looks like he has already been out and about in his cosy coats, and of course a boy has to rest too

Little Jill had been in the Kennels for some time waiting for her 'special person' to come along, well she chose to live with Marina, Simon and her new friend Dudley, as you can see she has settled in and definitely found her forever sofa, what a lucky girlie she is


Pixie and Tyler were not in the Kennels for very long before they were lucky enough to be homed together with Roger, lots of cuddles going on, looks like they love their Dad and the feeling is obviously mutual, lucky hounds.

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