Two Special Profiles

January 4, 2018


Good morning my name is Blitz  .... I’m the most sweetest playful boy you will ever see ... i am currently living in the house with Mummy and my best friend is Norris ... I loves to play with her when ever I can but when we relax and decide it’s time to behave .. well guess what I do ... I take four sneaky leaps and I steal mummy’s bed ... what she doesn’t realise is I’m just making it warm really ... did you know I ever like small humans yes I do but not to small mind .... even though I’m having the time of my life in the house with Mummy .. I really do need to find my own happy forever after .... and when that happens it opens a space for another needy hound just like me ... do you think you could love me forever ??? Do you think you could fit me on the sofa with you so I can rest my head upon your lap and listen to what happened in your day, whilst gently nudging you for that extra ear tickle ... x
Please share me far and wide and if you think you could offer me a home please message the page or contact my Mummy directly 💙💙💙

Hello ladies and gentleman I think it’s about time I introduced myself properly.. my names Tess.. when I first came to Kamas cave I was a very scared timid little girl with not a lot to say for myself ... well you could say that’s changed now ... I have began to blossom since being here and I’m really starting to enjoy life again and find some trust in humans .. I even give a wag to strangers now ...

Please don’t misunderstand I will still need a few meets to feel comfortable around you but that is part of my journey and part of me being a rescue hound .. I’m not going to say sorry for not being perfect ... but I will say that providing your willing to give me the time and patience to let me love you in my own time I will be your best friend for life ...


I didn’t choose to be this way but I’m getting there so now all I ask is that you give me a share and a like and if you do fall in love with my face and think I could possibly be the addition to your life you need then please get in touch with my mummy as I do desperately want to be that flower that really opens up .. I just need someone to love me and help me ...



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