A Very Urgent Plea from Ann & The Dogs

January 6, 2018


I have been posting all week for volunteers to help at Tesco and PAH along with other events throughout the year, we have had very little response, now that Paul is not here i cant leave the dogs to go out and do the events like I used to do and without anyone going out and doing the events the dogs dont get homes and they dont get any money come in to help support them.

I keep getting asked to take dogs in well i cant take dogs in if there is no support from everyone else to help me find homes for them.


Why does no one want to help at event and help the dogs find homes, I am so upset I work hard every day for the dogs 24/7 and yet no one else will give up an hour or two to help them. I am broken hearted I cant believe no one wants to help them. It seems to be a pointless task getting up at 5.00 every day and working all day and then going to bed at 10.00 if no one else wants to help the dogs.

Paul and Pamela Hindle do loads and loads for the dogs either behind the scenes or at shows
Vicky Johnson does the same and runs the Deeping Shop for us
Jane Ive has taken care of organising PAH for us and helps out at shows as well.
Nikki Savage has approached Tesco and has been busy organising that for the dogs
Kay Arnold organises the Coin a Day for us and also collects loads and loads of stuff for us to sell etc

Sorry if i have forgotten someone off the list as i know there are some more people that help but just listed the main ones

It is the same people all the time doing all the events for us please surely some of you can spare an hour to come to one of the events and help me to help the dogs here, or if there is something else you want to do then please say

I love these dogs with all my heart and would move heaven and earth for them but i cant do it all alone, Please Please help Nikki suggested that those of us that dont live near Kama's could maybe hold a coffee morning or something similar, maybe a raffle if we all do our own thing and send the proceeds to Ann then we wouls all be helping

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