News and updates about Lenny

December 1, 2018

 UPDATE 09/02/19



Len here, I had to go and see the betininhairyman this morning as I jumped off lucy’s bed yesterday and hurts me back leg. I did fell down the stairs today but the betininhairyman said I has a footballers injury, I had pulled all me muscles in me leg. So had an jection and have some magic pills and have to rest. I am taking it very seriously




We here at HQ have had some devastating news last night regarding our Little Lenny. As you are all aware Lenny broke his front leg again recently and has been backwards and forwards to the vets and hospital. So far the vets bills have come to just over £5,000 which thankfully his insurance has paid, but that has now run out.


Last night we learned that like our own Cilla, Lenny has rejected all the plates that are holding his leg together, the only option we have left if to have his front leg amputated. Vicky and her family are in pieces, so i have suggested that the dogs Christmas Auction will go to help pay the next £2000 bill for Lenny.


If anyone would like to donate for his operation the paypal address is


and please use friends and family option and mark the payment Lenny.
All of us here at HQ are thinking of Vicky and her family right now and saying prayers for the Little Man who has brought us so much love and smiles and is resting in Cambridge Hospital.




Lenny update

I have spoken to the hospital today and he has had a comfortable weekend with lots of kisses from the staff. We have decided the best thing is to go ahead with the amputation as the vet ran tests and thinks his other leg is able to support him. Haven’t yet stopped crying but he is a strong young boy and hopefully can cope. It will mean a lot of changes for him and us and I will probably need a doggy Pram. Will update you all tomorrow after surgery


Lenny is just out of surgery and it went well. They are going to get him up and give him some food and tomorrow will ring me and let me know when I can have him home. They need to be sure he is not in pain



We had a call this morning saying Lenny wasn’t doing to good and needed painkillers by drip so could he stay in hospital for a couple more days. Not what I wanted to hear but for the best. This afternoon they rang to say he had made a great improvement and was walking and now able to sit and lay down unaided. Overnight get will reduce his pain killers to see if he can cope if he can we may be able to fetch him home tomorrow afternoon. I will update you all in the morning fingers crossed xxxxx



First time playing bitey face with ozzy so he must be feeling bette




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